Augsburg Balboa Festival with Olivier & Natasha

07. –  09. September 2018: Olivier Harouard & Natasha Devyatkina

Natasha and Olivier are sucessful instructors, competitors and performers. They have won numerous contests and in April 2013 at the Balboa Rendez-vous, they were the first European couple to win the title of Champion IBC (International Balboa Championship) in the famous Balboa Pavilion in Newport Beach (USA)! They also placed 3rd at the highest ranked Balboa competition in 2011, the American Classic Balboa Championships. More than competing they enjoy social dancing and sharing their passion with others.

Registration opening: 06.04.2018



Workshops, Parties, Live-Music -> Details coming soon!



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Level 1:
You have never danced Balboa before. You will learn the fundamentals of this dance and some basic patterns.

Level 2:
You know all the basics and some variations of Balboa but you might still sometimes feel a bit lost at the social dance floor. You want to improve your dancing skills and learn knew patterns to feel confident on the dance floor.

Level 3:
You can dance to a great range of tempos and with any partner (from freshly beginners to advanced balboa dancers). You want to find your own style and be more musical. You want learn new moves and variations to spice up your dancing.

Level 4
You breath connection and you no longer need to think about basics! You can lead or follow variations und complex patterns without thinking. You feel confident on the social dance floor and even fast or difficult music won’t stop you! Sometimes you might have connection issues. You want to improve your style by getting to know the style of the teachers.

The Teachers

More Info

Schedule is subject to change. All workshops will be held at Tanzstudio Hep Cat Club (Wallstraße 1, 86150 Augsburg).

The studio is located in the center of the city (station: Köngisplatz) and is in walking distance to the main central station (5 minutes). There are many restaurants, shops and hotels in walking distance.

You can park at “Bleigässchen” for the normal price range. On Sunday it is only 1,50 euros for the whole day!

We recommend to stay at the hotel ibis at the central station or at Königsplatz. Both of them are very close to the event location and the price is ok. A very special place to stay is the Grandhotel Cosmopolis ( It’s a hotel and home for refugees at the same time and every room is designed by an artist. They also have the concept „Pay as much as you can“. Another option is the youth hostel. We heard that the breakfast should be very good to!


Registration opening: 06.04.2018


For the Full Pass you can book both levels, of course!

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